Why Dokkenator Does What He Does

Back in the 80’s, Dokkenator was a huge wrestling fan. He loved listening to amazing Hard Rock & 80’s Metal  when many of his favorites entered the arena. Those memories never left him, which is why entering the workplace with these anthems makes him a favorite among workers. The sounds blasting from his Bluetooth speakers or hearing him singing them signals his arrival.

Three tunes stood out among entrance themes:

  1. Living After Midnight, Judas Priest https://youtu.be/W48H8iMPFEM
  2. Welcome To The Jungle, Guns N Roses https://youtu.be/o1tj2zJ2Wvg
  3. Rocket, Def Leppard https://youtu.be/JRFjd1PdJqQ

The rush given when The Steiner Brothers, Midnight Rockers & Flyin’ Brian Pillman entered to those themes were the foundation for this character. Nobody gets a bigger rush making an entrance to these tunes.

Rock hard or don’t rock at all



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