What took you so long Dokkenator45?

“Christmas vacation is almost over. I haven’t even started to write my book report on Gulliver’s Travels. Heck…I haven’t started to read it yet.”

“Why don’t I get started”?
“Why do I keep putting things off?”
“What’s wrong with me?”

Those were questions Charlie Brown asked himself one afternoon. He was wondering why he couldn’t get started reading “Gulliver’s Travels”. Not to mention he also was expected to write a report after finishing the book. All while on Christmas vacation.

Dokkenator isn’t facing that dilemma, but he’s also asked those questions. Not to mention he also wondered who would read his work. Why would he start writing a blog. However…the biggest question also arose:  Would he continue to write, even though he was struggling to build an audience?”

Thanks to the advice of two Facebook friends, he’s decided to resume blogging his adventures. Quoting Susan Roberts…AKA Motley Sue…..”You’re in the wrong profession. You should actually be a writer. Your writing style is very smooth.”
Another good friend, Brandee Denton added her views. “He quite an intelligent fella, with some good humor sprinkled in the mix. Furthermore, he’s got the right personality in his current profession, but writing would take him so much further.”

If you’re wondering about Dokkenator, he’s a dynamic up & coming bartender. His energy takes parties to another level, whether as a regular bartender or a breaker. This is how he takes his love of 80’s Rock to kick-start every shift. Sit back, relax & prepare to enter his world. The Dokkenator never met a party he couldn’t rock.



  1. Jeyna Grace · October 16, 2015

    Welcome back!


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