Welcome to the world of Dokkenator

“You are truly the highlight of my shifts.”

“We need your energy behind the line.”

“Where do you get your energy from?”

“Where have you been all night? You’re truly amazing.”

Those are just a sprinkling of the complements Dokkenator has received before, during & after his shifts. From the moment the employee entrance opens, the power of high energy 80’s Rock makes its presence known. Tracks from Def Leppard, Warrant, Winger, RATT & of course Dokken are being belted at full volume. Heads suddenly turn & workers look over, then say to themselves “Our favorite worker has entered the building.” It’s a power that Dokkenator has harnessed & built from the moment he entered Paradise Banquet Hall.

There’s buzz killers such as his scheduler or manager who fire the following:

“Why must you have those stupid things in your ears?”

“This isn’t a concert hall, take those things off.”

“When you enter this building, those headphones are to disappear.”

Nevertheless, Dokkenator is never phased by their complaints. If more workers possessed his energy & enthusiasm, there wouldn’t be complaints of ineffectiveness inside the workplace.


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