Dokkenator Gets The Crowd Singing

July 11, 2014

It’s not great finding out you’re a “last-minute” fill in for a regularly scheduled bartender. However, if there’s one thing Dokkenator has proven is that he’s always ready to step into the spotlight. The drinks were flowing & he was putting on a show. That’s how he earned the nickname “Rock Star”, and he proved it again on this night.

After 10 o’clock is when the music gets awesome. During that time the DJ was playing two classic 80’s Rock tunes from Loverboy & Bon Jovi. The first was hilarious, because the majority of guests didn’t know the lyrics to this song:

Guess who stepped in & helped them out? That’s right. Dokkenator started belting the vocals & everyone joined in. Heck, it even got praise from the DJ who hollered out “Oh yeah…..that’s our bartender. He knows the lyrics.” That garnered a round of applause from everyone.

The second came from Bon Jovi. Thankfully, the majority of them already knew this song. Otherwise Dokkenator would be left scratching his head. After all, every guest he’s served knows the lyrics to this awesome 80’s track:

A bartender who creates & rocks. Who knew this combination could work?

Rock hard or don’t rock at all,



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