Strangers take notice when Dokkenator enters the premises

June 4, 2015

Dokkenator never planned on being an inspiration, or energizing a workplace. All he loved doing was singing to music. it surprises him when people come up and complement his singing. The amazing part is when those people are part of the function he’s working. Not only does it brighten his day, it also makes arriving at work worth the effort. That was never more clear than on this day.

Walking up the driveway to Paradise Banquet Hall, the RATT tune “You’re In Love” was blaring from the speaker bag. That’s when the lyrics caught the attention of several guests:

You take the midnight subway train, you’re calling all the shots.
You’re struck by lightning, you’re in love
You take the evening one on one, you’re only living to have fun
You want to use me, take me home tonight. I’ll make you wish that you were mine

You’re struck by lightning, you’re in love.
It’s not worth fighting, you’re in love.
So turn around, remember me. I’m the one who’s out to aim & please
You’re in love, you’re in love

Later, while preparing the Queen Anne Bar, a female guest approached Dokkenator. It was her complement that brought a smile to his face:

“Your singing made my day. I don’t know you, but your singing really brightened my mood. I was getting angry with my assistant, but I heard your voice & I was happy immediately. Whatever gift you’ve got, keep it. God Bless.”

With the energy Dokkenator possesses, there’s no reason anyone should be miserable inside the workplace.

Rock hard or don’t rock at all,



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